Representative in China

Today, business with China is at the peak of activity. Many foreign companies are working or thinking about working with China. But China is not an easy country and not easy to do business here – there are linguistic misunderstandings and differences of mentality. With the help of a representative of your interests in China to work with the Middle Kingdom will be more productive and efficient.

The service of representative of your business interests in China include:

  • Business correspondence with chinese suppliers
  • telephone calls
  • recieving and sending samples
  • checking and approval of documentation
  • working with current issues

This service is interesting that the representative in China has a long experience in the field of business with China, is familiar with the chinese mentality, their traditions and customs and can give advice on dealing with suppliers, as well as to warn against common mistakes , and fluency in the chinese language will help to bring quality information and avoid confusion and misunderstanding when using online translators.

Also, you can take advantage of additional service – quality inspection, searching products/goods in China, translator in China, support contracts.

Cost of services representative in China is from 1000 EURO,   discussed depending on time-consuming.