Today, China is a country with one of the most fast-growing economics that attracts  business people from around the world by its business opportunities. At the same time, China is a different world, with its own specificity, not only in everyday life, but in doing business. Without adequate commercial orientation their fitures, their culture, language and / or geographic distance can become an enormous barrier.

SAND DRAGON export co.ltd is a professional company located in Guangzhou, main city of south of China, whose primary purpose is to develop and consolidate a reliable business channel between Europe and China. Our proximity to the ancient world is essential to do business, we know their culture, language and fitures, these are our great added value and our competitive advantage to break the language and cultural barriers, we are experts in the Chinese language. We would like to be an advisor who can share our experiences with you, explain many nuances that arise when working with China, indicate for what you need to pay special attention.
The company intended to assist in achieving the purpose, to optimize work, our professional assistance offer a personalized service, according to the specific needs of each of our clients,. We have developed and standardized accessible alternatives that facilitate trading solution requirements, such as:

Market research, quotations, coordination and visits to international fairs, research and negotiation, Inspection and monitoring manufacturing processes, payment; tracking shipments and shipping requirements If you need our help in China, please contact us and we will answer you within 24 hours.